Жизненный путь

About the foundation

Special children grow up and become special teenagers and then special adults. With timethe problems they face are more and more: housing, education, communication, work, friends, free time. Every one of us must deal with these issuesbut the difference is that most of us can handle it, while people with special needs can’t. They need a guide, a consistent ally in everything. Although the public education system for special children has some level of functioning and support in Russia, the world of special teenagers and adults is, as a rule, restricted to their apartments.

The Life Route (“Zhiznenny Put’”) Charity Foundation was established in 2009 to help families with teenagers and adults with serious developmental disorders support them. It was founded by the regional nongovernmental organization “Center for Curative Pedagogics” (CCP) – one of the most respected nongovernmental organizations in Russia that provides support for people with developmental disorders to help them realize their right to education, rehabilitation, and a dignified life.